Book Chapters

Here is an overview of the “Digital Project Practice for Banking and Fintech” chapters.

PrefaceDr. Tobias Endress p. xi
Project Management in the Digital EraNirmala Sookharryp. 1
Facilitating Communication: The Financial Technology CanvasDr. Tobias Endress p. 10
FinTech Process AutomationDr. Kourosh Dadgar p. 24
Robotic Process Automation in Financial InstitutionsMichael Jacobus, and Dr. Martin Schneiderp. 36
Future CryptoeconomicsDr. Wesley L. Harris, and Dr. Jarunee Wonglimpiyaratp. 43
Cryptocurrencies and FinTech for People in a HurryDr. Syed Shurid Khanp. 60
Digital Disruption in Banking SectorDr. Jeevesh Sharmap. 70
Crowdfunding as a Digital Financing AlternativeDr. Volkmar Mrassp. 88
Which Signals Promise Success in Crowdfunding?Dr. Florian W. Bartholomae, and Dr. Eva Stumpfeggerp. 95
Making Finance InvisibleJibran Ahmed Bugvi, and Dr. Tobias Endressp. 108
The Buy-Now-Pay-Later EcosystemDr. Ruffin Relja, Dr. Philippa Ward, and Dr. Anita Lifen Zhaop. 121
Zero Trust in Banking and FinTechDr. Tobias Endressp. 135
Sustainable Development Goals as Unintended Consequences of Digital Transformation StrategiesDr. Sundar Venkatesh, and Dr. Nguyen Quynh Phuongp. 147
Working With, Not AgainstChris Lobello, and Jayant B. Ramanandp. 159
Blockchain and Financial ServicesDr. Marc Nathmann
Indexp. 190

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