Digital Project Practice for Banking and FinTech (Vol. III)

New technology and changes in the regulatory framework have had a significant impact; various new players have emerged, and new business models have evolved. API-based ecosystems have become the new normal, and collaboration in the financial and banking industry has reached new levels. Digital Project Practice for Banking and FinTech focuses on technology changes in the financial industry and their implications for business practice.

With a combination of practical experience in the field as well as academic research, the book explores a wide range of topics in the multifaceted landscape of FinTech. It examines the industry’s various dimensions, implications, and potential based on academic research and practice. The book delves into distinct aspects of this dynamic field, from project management in the digital era to the regulation and supervision of FinTech companies, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge. It provides an in-depth overview of various unfolding developments and how to deal with and benefit from them.

About the content of the book

Digital Project Practice for Banking and FinTech begins by exploring the unique challenges and opportunities project management presents in the digital era. It examines the evolving role of project management and provides strategies for effectively navigating the complexities of digital transformation initiatives. The book then covers such topics as:

  • Financial Technology Canvas, a powerful tool for facilitating effective communication within fintech teams
  • Process automation implementation in the financial sector and related benefits, challenges, and best practices to drive operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences
  • Robotic process automation in financial institutions
  • Cyptoeconomics and its potential implications for the diffusion of payment technologies
  • The efficiency and risk factors associated with digital disruption in the banking sector.

At its core, this book is about real-world practice in the digital banking industry. It is a source of different perspectives and diverse experiences from the global financial and banking industry.

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