Book Chapters

Digital Project Practice: Innoavtion and Change Managment
PrefaceDr. Tobias Endress p. 7
Why Projects FailDr. Stephan Meyer p. 10-23
Manage the Perception of Project SuccessDr. Anton Pussep p. 24-36
DIY Agile: How to Re-think Your
Own Method
Beatriz Alzate Richter p. 37-44
Scaling AgileRalf Dickp. 45-66
Stakeholder Management in an
Aditya Chandak p. 68-77
Knowledge Creation by Practitioners
and Designers: From Tacit to Explicit
Dr. Majid Dadgar p. 78-88
Ideas and Requirements for Digital InnovationsDr. Tobias Endress p. 89-107
Legal Advice on Innovative Technologies and Business ModelsDr. Marc Nathmannp. 108-142
Time-Management: Why Are Results
“Just in Time” so Hard?
Guenter Jeschke p. 143-162
Team and Project Management ValuesElena Dinmanp. 144-177
Talent Challenges in the Age of
Digitalization and Globalization
Dr. Bernd Thommes p. 178-192
Implementing Change: a Review of International Best PracticesPatric Zeierp. 193-219
Managing Massive Moments of ChangeGirish Ramachandra p. 220-234
Appendix p. 236-244